Elsa - Pointers In Need

About Pointer Elsa

Sex: Female           Age: 4

Elsa needs a new loving home and so we need your help. 

Elsa is a stunningly beautiful girl with such a gentle soul.

In January 2016, Elsa was found running wild and scared in a large field area in Spain after being abandoned by her owner. Volunteers made many attempts to gain her trust so they could rescue her, but were unsuccessful as Elsa was just so frightened of people. Goodness knows what hell she has experienced at the hands of a hunter? Fortunately however, after leaving her some food with a sedative in it, the local “Lacero” was able to catch her and take her to the pound. Elsa was taken into refuge by the volunteer association that had also been trying so hard to catch her so they could rescue this lovely girl.

After support and campaigning by Pointers In Need, Elsa arrived in the UK in April 2017 where she has been with her foster parents awaiting her forever home. When she arrived she was a shell of what was once, a beautiful, strong and intelligent girl, which was just so heart breaking to see. However, with a lot of patience, and the help of two confident Pointers and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, she has begun to grow every day, quite literally! No longer is she standing low and deflated, she now stands tall and with a laggy tail, whilst asking for a fuss. And when she is not being given a tickle under her chin, she is bounding around with the other dogs or cuddled up with them and her foster parents for a cosy sleep.

Elsa is very intelligent and eager to learn, with her recall skills coming along exceptionally. When she arrived in the UK she was terrified of the noise of traffic, but this is improving when taking her out for her walks every day. She now trots down the road with a purpose to her life and utter enjoyment shown through her wagging tail. Undoubtedly and as you can appreciate, she has a way to go still with trust and confidence around new people and children taking time. Throughout her time in her foster home, Elsa has never shown any aggression towards people, other dogs or cats!

Elsa will make a fantastic addition to any family, with instincts to learn and love evident every day. There is no doubt she will settle into the right home, growing her trust and confidence even more as time is spent showing her the way. As such Elsa needs to be adopted by a family that has a dog already. If you have children, ideally the’ll be teenagers as Elsa is still nervous of smaller children, not in anyway aggressively, she just finds their squeals, laughter and fast movements a bit overwhelming, which I am sure will improve with time.







Can you offer Elsa a loving new home? If you can help in any way please contact us.

You can find out more information on living with Elsa in our Frequently Asked Questions.