About Jack

Sex: Male          Age: 8 years          Status: With foster carers in Spain

Jack, a beautiful and very soulful black and white Pointer, was spotted by a friend of Pointers in Need at a pound in Cyprus. The conditions were awful and he was terribly underweight and nervous. One day when visiting Jack with food to pass to him through the wires of the fencing, gun shots rang out from nearby hunters. Jack bolted, petrified. He was shaking uncontrollably and was simply unable to eat despite being desperate for food.  At that moment, the friend resolved to get him out of there.

This heartbreaking insight into the trauma experienced by Jack is typical of so many hunting dogs around the world and shows just how much these proud gentle dogs need calm, kindness and comfort in their lives.

Despite his experiences, Jack is a very sweet natured Pointer.  Now safe in private kennels in Limassol, he is putting on weight, his sores are healing and his personality is beginning to emerge. He is a very gentle lad who walks well on a lead.

He needs an experienced adopter who can help Jack on his path to become more confident and learn what it’s like to be a valued friend and companion.

We’ve no doubt that there is a special person waiting to welcome Jack into their life.  If that’s you, please do get in touch with our team for an initial chat about this lovely boy. Thank you.