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About Pointer Jerry

Sex: Male        Age: circa 3 years

Pointer Jerry is originally from Serbia, he is around 3 years old and is castrated. 

When Jerry arrived with his foster family he was described as a crazy, energetic, full on boy with no boundaries and absolutely no manners. After a little over a week with a little patience, time, love, some focus and firmness, Jerry is now described as a fabulous dog.  Jerry is very bright, keen, eager to learn and just lovely. He is incredibly energetic, he has two speeds, mad playful running around or crashed out asleep. When he is awake, he does not stop, he loves exploring, chasing bees and butterflies. When he’s not doing that he is playing, happily entertaining himself throwing toys in the air and having great fun.

Jerry’s foster family has two children aged 3 and 5 years old, he’s very gentle with them and loves nothing better than running around and playing with them. His fosterers have said they would only recommend he goes with older or very dog savvy children as he wants to play with anything and everything and thinks it’s great fun to run off with any toy he can find. Jerry was quite possessive over anything he had but within only a few days he learnt to drop things and if you are firm with him he will give up his prize happily and easily.

Jerry is easy to please, a couple of dog toys, plastic bottles and he is happy. Jerry has an incredibly high prey drive, he isn’t too fussed about chickens in their pen but wouldn’t be trusted if they were free range. He would not be good with small animals but is good with cats. Jerry is a big puppy, with a huge amount of energy that needs channelling . He does need training, but already he has learnt “sit” and knows “no”. He picks things up really quickly and is very focused. His fosterers think he would be perfect for agility, his eagerness to please, his energy and his speed would be great,

So far Jerry seems to like anyone and everyone. Out and about, he’s keen to play with any dogs he meets, he’s very friendly with strangers, he is just wary of noisy traffic. Jerry travels well in the car and has so far been left in the house up to 30 minutes on his own and was happy cuddled up on his bed asleep. Jerry is a wonderful, lovely, boy full of fun who is desperate to love and be loved.

Jerry will come with a full passport chipped, free of all known diseases, 5 weeks FREE insurance and the full back up support of the wonderful Pointers In Need team.

Please contact us if you can give Jerry a new loving, forever home very soon.


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