Pointers In Need rehome Max and Hudson

About Pointers Max and Hudson

Sex: Males           Age: 12.5

These two lovely 12.5 Pointer Brothers, Max, liver/white and Hudson, Black/white were handed in to Wirral Animal Association, Wirral, UK. Their owner could no longer keep them. Both Max and Hudson had been in and out of kennels for many months, so it was decided that they should be put in the care of the Wirral Animal Association so they could look for forever homes for their twilight years.

Max and Hudson were shared all over Facebook, but sadly, no one came forward to give the two of them the loving home they needed.

Pointers In Need got on to it straight away, with a network of friends and helpers. After many weeks of assessing Max and Hudson, we had the agonising decision to seperate them.  We found two very good foster homes they could go too.

Happy living with several dogs in their foster home up in the Wirral, they were separated for a few hours each day to get them used to being without each other. One coped much better than the other and so it was heartbreaking to see them apart, but we had no choice, as we didn’t want Max or Hudson back in kennels.

Pointers In Need Founder, Claire Stokes spent several hours arranging transport and discussing the movement of them and it was all arranged….Then out of the blue, Claire received a phone call from a friend, who previously had a Pointer from her, saying he would like to take BOTH boys…Can you imagine her face when he told her???! THRILLED is an understatement

Claire says “It was the best news that could ever of happened for these two beautiful boys, finding two fosters for them filled me with happiness, but nothing can beat the finding of a forever home where they can be together. I am so ecstatic and this is why we run Pointers In Need.

Max and Hudson will now live in the loving care of Matt & Ang and their lovely family.

Can you offer any of our Pointers a loving new home? If you can help in any way please contact us.

You can find out more information on living with Pointers in our Frequently Asked Questions.