Monty and Gil - Pointers In Need

About Pointers Monty and Gil – brothers

Sex: Both Male       Age: Monty 5 years and Gil 2.5 years

We would like these brothers to be homed as a pair if at all possible.

Monty 5 years and Gil 2.5 years. Brothers from different litters and are inseparable.

Their current owner is having to relocate from Ireland to the UK to move in with her father to look after him and whose illness is getting progressively worse, and he does not want to leave his home. Her father is adamant he does not want the dogs in the house so she has had to choose between between her father and her boys.

She has had both dogs from pups. They are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Monty is a 5 year old, liver and white English Pointer and has a calm, sensitive nature. He loves to be close to you and picks up on your mood, knowing instantly if you’re stressed, sad or planning a walk! He is good on recall both with a whistle and using his name. He is house trained and loves his bed and the sofa!

Monty is also happy enough in his kennel outside during the day in the garden. He loves to run but is also very good on a lead. Calm with traffic, with other dogs and with children, but hates cows and horses. He has not met a cat yet and will chase rabbits and naturally points at pheasants but he is not a working gun dog, only a pet.

Monty doesn’t like to swim but loves to run through huge puddles! He is fit and healthy, although he is starting to show a little stiffness occasionally in his hips. He is up to date on all his vaccinations and worming, neutered and microchipped with an up to date pet passport. He is a beautiful boy who will never let you down.

Gil is 2 and a half year old, lemon and white English Pointer and younger brother to Monty. He has a bouncy but sensitive nature. He is still a big puppy and loves to bring you toys so you will play with him. Loves fetching a ball and chasing flies!
He adores his older brother Monty and if he is unsure of anything, he will go to to Monty for reassurance. He loves cuddles and can read the word SIT off a piece of card and carry out the action!

Gil loves his walks, both on and off the lead, is good on recall both with a whistle and with his name. He is calm with traffic, loves other dogs, except small terriers which he is terrified of! Like his brother, Gil does not like cows or horses and will run away from them, hasn’t met a cat yet, but is very good with young children.

Gil will go in water quite happily but doesn’t swim and he doesn’t like getting wet in the rain! (Typical Pointer!). He is fit and well, up to date on all his vaccinations and worming, neutered and microchipped, with an up to date pet passport.
Gil will be your best friend for life.

Can you offer Monty and Gil a loving new home together? If you can help in any way please contact us.

You can find out more information on living with Monty and Gil in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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