rescue english pointer Paxti

About Paxti

Sex: Male          Age: 7-8 years          Status: Paxti is being fostered in the UK

Every rescue Pointer that needs a home pulls at our heartstrings but none more than the beautiful Paxti who, until very recently, had lived in a shelter for most of his life.

This dearest little black and white Pointer endured a great deal before coming to the UK where he is now being fostered by Karen in our team.  Prior to his arrival, Paxti spent approximately five years in a rescue in Spain.  The poor lad had been adopted twice. The first time he was left on his own for much of the time. As such he became anxious when the family left him.  The second time he was rehomed with another dog, but his adopter felt that having two dogs was too much work.

Days after Paxti arrived in the UK he became poorly and underwent emergency intestinal surgery. To our huge delight and relief this little fighter pulled through and is now doing remarkably well. Paxti is firmly in the ‘pocket Pointer’ category, weighing less than 20 kilos although he is gradually putting on a few pounds. Karen describes Paxti as ‘exceptionally’ affectionate, with a very gentle disposition. He gets on well with other dogs, is learning house rules and tries really hard to fit in.

As a senior Pointer, nothing would make Paxti happier than curling up next to a loving human companion. We think he would be ideal for someone who is able to give him a lot of their time, perhaps a retired person or someone who is at home during the day.  He doesn’t need a great deal of exercise, just short daily adventures and scamping about a garden would suit him very well.

Paxti will make an exceptional friend to a special person. Please get in touch with our team if you would like to speak with us about him. Thank you. x