Pointers In Need - Ragnar Adoption Success

Adopted Ragnar is a huge success for Pointers In need. Since adopting rescued Pointer Ragnar, life has changed for the better for his new family.

Ragnar settled in really fast and claimed the sofa for himself on his first night when he arrived. He is a typical bouncy and inquisitive little Pointer pup who is very happy. Ragnar is full of curiosity and mischief; his favourite thing to keep him occupied is a pig’s ear, he can’t get enough of them! He’s learning basic tricks quickly and soon he will be starting training classes – as much to help us as him!

Ragnar instictively knows when it is feeding time – he takes a seat in the kitchen next to the food cupboard and has a little whimper to make sure we are not late with his dinner! It really is great to have a youngster with such a good appetite.

Ragnar enjoys his long walks down the beach and always gets lots of attention from other dog walkers – they love the successful story of how Ragnar came to be in my care. Maybe it will provide inspiration to others to adopt a Pointer in need.

Ragnar and my 5 year old son, Regan, play fetch outside – although Ragnar doesn’t like to drop the ball very often! They both like a good cuddle on the sofa together whilst watching Paw Patrol (a kids programme about hero puppies).

Overall, Ragnar’s a typical excited little pup and we are sure that we have many more adventures to come in the future!

Adopting Ragnar has helped both of us. We love being out early in the morning, down at the beach and watching the sun rise. It is also great to have such loving and loyal friend at home with me during school hours. I work from home and found myself hardly leaving the house unless it was absolutely necessary.” Said Kayleigh Robertson-Taylor. “Adopting Ragnar has given me a new way of life and has certainly helped restore the harmonious balance between work and social life.

Kayleigh, Regan and Ragnar are planning to undertake a sponsored dog walk along Cleveland Way to raise funds for Pointers in Need on 20th August 2017. By then Ragnar will just be that bit older and would have completed a little more training but then! They would love other Pointer owners to join them for their stroll if you are available – please contact Pointers In Need to let them know if you are going to join the walk!

Please sponsor Kayleigh, Regan and Ragnar for their walk along the Cleveland Way. You can support them by making a donation.

Please give generously as every penny raised will help rescued and rehomed Pointers learn to love life again.

There are so many Pointers that need homesand many more still that are waiting in the wings to come onto our books.

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