Gentle Agiax’s rehoming story.

Hi everyone – AGIAX here!  I just want to tell you about my family and my new life here in the UK. My family were REALLY sad until I arrived and the house felt incomplete. They hadn’t been dogless for over 20 years, you see, but they’d had their beloved 14 year old Weimaraner, Henry, put to sleep some 10 months before spotting me on the Pointers in Need website. My mum says something about me nagged at her and wouldn’t quit!  They were worried – (for me, mostly I think) – that they might not love me as much and, of course, they’d never even met me! They also have a little hooman grandbaby who is into everything including my paws and ears. They had to be sure of my temperament and confident of the right “fit”. Little did they know I’m quite partial to baby toes to lick and besides which, he’s a good source of dropped morsels which I can be reliably counted upon to clean up when he misses his mouth.

My life now bears no resemblance to my previous life in Greece where I was unwanted and abandoned to the streets. I’d never lived in a house and I didn’t know the rules. I was scared of domestic noise, the tv, the vacuum cleaner and so many new things to learn and get used to.  I had no value as a hunting dog I think, as I’m terrified of gunshot and wary of young men.  Ironically, I live in the country now and my “point” is instinctive and quite beautiful.  I have field walks right from the door and the rabbits are A-MAZING!  My hearing can be a little selective when there’s something more exciting than the rewards in Mum’s pocket but I’m learning!  I know most commands and am thrilled to bits when my hoomans are pleased with me so I try really hard. I have my own cosy bed (that I really didn’t know what to do with at first!) and the softest blanket, right next to my Mum and Dad’s. (Mums side, naturally, because I am a bit of a Mummy’s Boy).  I LOVE toast and weekends are my absolute favourite time because, apart from epic walks, I get to snuggle with my hoomans and the food’s great!… either a cooked breakfast or a Sunday roast….. bit of an improvement I have to say on leaves and debris that mum still prises from my mouth, and regrettably! the odd sheep’s dropping.  “Leave it” they say, “LEAVE IT!” but I still like it, that and a good roll in fox poo. I’m not a huge fan of the rain (what is wrong with this country?!) and mum says I’m a bit of a wuss when I sniff disdainfully from the doorstep. When I’d never known anything but out, I struggled at first to be in. Now, there are those cold, bleak days when actually, I’d rather be in! I have a jacket though … (waxed, no less!)… and it keeps me snug. I have also made some doggie friends and get to run and play and roughhouse with them, off lead in an enclosed field, twice a week when mums at work. I’m usually exhausted when she comes home.

Best of all…. I’m loved so very much. They tell me ALL the time and I know it because love is something which is felt. Thank you Pointers in Need for bringing me safely to my forever home. I’ve been here for six weeks now and well, for me, anywhere else, is unthinkable. I’d really love a Pointie brother or a sister one day and if or when mum wins that one, you can be sure she’ll be contacting Pointers in Need.


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