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About Pointer Ayra

Sex: Female        Age: 7 years

 Ayra is in Romania, is 7 years old and has been spayed

Ayra’s former owner used to take her hunting for birds. Our rescuers believe her prey drive is moderate and controllable.  Ayra has had one litter of puppies, 3 years ago.

Ayra is a gentle and gracious dog with a noble and kind look in her eyes, who loves human interaction and is nice to children. She’s affectionate, very capable of bonding and is happy whenever she receives attention from people.  

When it comes to walking on a lead, she pulls a bit and she does tend to jump up due to excitement when she receives visitors or when she knows it’s time for a walk.  When she is running free, she always comes if called upon.  Ayra is ok with other dogs, but can sometimes grin and growl if she feels intimidated by dogs who are too insistent around her, so she prefers calmer dogs that respect her personal space, but all in all she doesn’t seek conflicts.

Ayra has an intense curiosity towards cats makes so she might not be a great match with cats, given her size and instincts. Ayra is used to car trips and behaves very well on the back seat or hatchback trunk.  She enjoys being outdoors, running around or just going for a walk, but also appreciates relaxing afterwards, by herself or especially with people around her.

Our rescuer has interacted with Ayra for about 4 years, through the fence of her former tiny yard, she is always nice and eager to interact, wagging her tail and trying to cuddle between the bars.  Last year, Ayra started getting thinner and thinner and is was obvious that she was being neglected, this is where our rescuer step in.  Unfortunately, our rescuer wasn’t able to given them a home but has arranged for her to stay at a local vets.  Ayra seems happier than ever and behaves well, but this is not the life a dog should live.

Ayra has had a temporary pancreatic insufficiency, but her blood tests are now improving, after receiving a metabolic diet and pancreatic enzyme supplements.  Given that this imbalance was reversible, one of the causes may have been connected to her former malnutrition. Her current vet suggested that it might be best to keep Ayra on a preventative life-long metabolic diet.

Ayra is looking for her forever home where she can be loved.

Ayra will come with 5 weeks FREE insurance and the full back up support of the wonderful Pointers In Need team.

Please contact us if you can give Ayra a new loving, forever home very soon.


Can you offer Ayra a loving new home? If you can help in any way please contact us.

You can find out more information on living with Ayra in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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