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About Pointer Bobby

Sex: Male        Age: 21 months

Bobby is currently in South Wales, he is 21 months old 

The lovely Bobby was born 30 09.17. He was rescued in Turkey along with two siblings in a terrible state, emaciated and with skin issues. After several months of being in a shelter in dusty conditions, his skin didn’t get any better so was transported to the UK and is currently being fostered in South Wales. Bobby has been in foster for some months now and the excellent care given to him by a Pointers In Need fosterer has given him a new lease of life,  he now has no health issues, his skin condition has been cured and his vet has given him a clean bill of health.

Bobby has good recall when in a “pack” or with other dogs, he is house trained and loves to be cuddled. Bobby travels well in a car and likes to chew shoes!!! Being a young dog, Bobby has loads of energy. He lives in a house which has other small furry animals (rabbits) and other dogs. If out of his ‘comfort’ zone he can get a little panicked but soon over comes this. He has never lived in the UK on his own and his fosterers feel that for a happy life he needs to be a second or third dog, not an only dog.  If you would like a new friend for your pooch/es then Bobby would love you to give him a new forever home and best friend.

Bobby will come with 5 weeks FREE insurance and the full back up support of the wonderful Pointers In Need team.

Please contact us if you can give Bobby a new loving, forever home very soon.


Can you offer Bobby a loving new home? If you can help in any way please contact us.

You can find out more information on living with Bobby in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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