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About Pointer Boby

Sex: Male        Age: 1 year

Boby is currently in Turkey is 1 year old and has been neutered

Boby was found on a street in Izmir, he seemed to be a lost dog, not used to live on the streets, running away from stray dogs and looking for his owner.  A group of ladies recued him and took him to a vet for a check up, Boby was then sent to a private land rescue which is to keep dogs safe.  Unfortunately for Boby the person running this rescue didn’t take particularly good care off the rescues and the land has since been taken over by a local charity.  Luckily for Boby this charity contacted Pointers in Need to help find a new forever home for Boby.

At the rescue Boby is living with over 150 other rescued dogs, this makes it more difficult to assess his character fully and could by why he comes across as being timid and not full of playfulness like a typical pointer puppy.  Due to the conditions Boby has be living in it is not clear whether or not he has been toilet trained. When he is taken to the vets for check ups, he is happy to travel in the car.  Boby seems to rest a lot, this may be due to him being scared of the other dogs around him as he has been attacked by dogs in the rescue lands.  Even though he has been attacked by some of these dogs, he is still very friendly, wagging his tail to every type of breed.  Boby is now looking for a comfy home, bed, safe place to live and a family to give him the love he deserves.

Boby will come with the full back up support of the wonderful Pointers In Need team.

Please contact us if you can give Boby a new loving, forever home very soon.


Can you offer Boby a loving new home? If you can help in any way please contact us.

You can find out more information on living with Boby in our Frequently Asked Questions.


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