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About Pointer Bolt

Sex: Male        Age: 18 months

Bolt is currently in Turkey, is 18 months old and has been neutered

Bolt is a poor boy dumped to a forest of Canakkale -TURKEY when he was around 9-10 months old, as he was not a very good hunting dog. He was beaten and attacked by a large Kangal dog until he was rescued. Bolt’s rescuer couldn’t keep him so to him to a shelter.   Unfortunately life in the shelter wasn’t great for Bolt as food was very limited and he was often just given bread to eat.  Bolt was very hungry and thin and another rescuer kept him in the clinic and supported him with vitamins and good food to help him gain weight. 

When Bolt was travelling to the vets or other journeys in the car, he was very timid and afraid, this may because of a negative memory with his owner when going hunting and being punished after a hunt for not  providing the goods.

Bolt has Para phimosis, this where the penis does not go back into sheath. He has had two operations to help rectify this and now this is how he will be for life.  Bolt needs to have cream like Bepanthen to be applied to his penis at night while he is sleeping  and if he spends a lot of time outside to keep his penis moist and make him feel comfortable. This condition doesn’t upset Bolt and if treated with cream does not experience any pain. He behaves and lives his life the same as normal dogs.

Bolt is a very happy boy who loves to play in water.  Though it is thought that he was beaten by his human, he still loves humans and jumps up to have cuddles. He is an active boy who loves running fast so he would be great company for a family that love to walk, he will need a long lead. Bolt  is good with all other dogs and had no reaction to the grumpy clinic cat.  Bolt loves napping on the sofa and quickly learns new commands. He can be a first or second dog in a family looking to experience joy and happy times with a new fur baby. 

Bolt will come with the full back up support of the wonderful Pointers In Need team.

Please contact us if you can give Bolt a new loving, forever home very soon.


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