Dina - Pointers In Need

Dina’s success story.  

What can one say about Dina? Despite having only adopted her through Pointers in Need around 18 months ago, it feels very much as if she has always been here, so imagining her previous life is becoming increasingly difficult to do. We do know that she was discovered at the side of the road as a tiny pup and very nearly lost her leg through amputation because of an injury she had sustained. We also know that her long and arduous recovery was supported by a great gang of folks in Kos, Greece, who managed to save her leg and rehabilitate her. And we know that, a year after losing one of our beloved trio of dogs, we felt ready to welcome a new pooch into our home and whilst searching for a potential candidate to rescue we stumbled across the Pointers in Need website. The rest, as they say, is history.

It is human nature to get a plan in ones head and feel that deviating from it is some kind of failure – I certainly wasn’t looking for a 4 year old female dog with a bone deformity! But sometimes you just have to let your gut decide and after viewing Dina’s profile and the few pictures available there was something about her, the look in her eye, the curl of her lips, the protrusion of her tongue… I don’t know…. But something inside me said ‘Yep, that’s the one’…. And she truly has been – whether by pure luck or some kind of divine intervention Dina has been the PERFECT addition to our household and we love her as much as if we had picked her from a litter as a puppy.

The adoption and home-check process with Pointers in Need was so smooth, free of stress and rapid, that in what seemed like a blink of the eye Dina was flown over to the UK and left with a foster carer for a day or two until we could go and collect her. That first day she was tired, timid and unsure but the fact that she happily accepted a toy teddy bear in the car and gently played with it for much of the journey from Wales back to NE Scotland showed us what kind of companion she was likely to become and that has been borne out over the time we have had her. Within a few easy weeks (save a couple of accidents and a chewed bed) she was simply dripping with ‘joie de vivre’ and has been the same ever since!

She has great recall which means she has benefited from vast freedom to explore all of the places we take her. She is totally food and toy orientated so it is easy to play with her or get her attention when needed. She travels well in the car, only barks if there is a knock on the door (aside from the excited yipping she makes when chasing birds, of course!) and plays nicely (but rough!) with her siblings. The horrors of her previous life seem to have been almost entirely forgotten and we have been able to enjoy all of the positive aspects of her very large personality! The way her entire back end wobbles when she wags her tail, the endless and unexpected animation of her features that somehow let you know precisely how she is feeling, the way she pushes her entire head underwater and ‘rescues’ large stones from the river or sea before carrying them to the water’s edge to be revived, chasing birds she can never hope to catch and balls that she always does, the way she licks the ears of our three cats or searches for them behind sofas, beneath the bed or around the clothes horse, the continuous play bows when she’s decided she is ready to have a game with her brother, Reg. Then, of course, there is the simple joy of seeing her curled up with the others in one bed, when they each have their own space, or in front of the fire after a long walk. I have and do love all of the dogs I’ve ever owned, but Dina certainly makes me laugh out loud far more than anybody else. She has a genuine and irrepressible love of life that imparts as much energy to us as she uses in demonstrating it.

When we first took her in people told us that she was lucky… I think it is safe to say that we have been the lucky ones.

There are so many Pointers that need homes and many more still that are waiting in the wings to come onto our books.

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