Dora now Chopsy’s rehoming story.

Chopsy joined her Dalmatian brother, Vizsla sister & I just over 3 weeks ago. She had a challenging journey from Cyprus and arrived with a poorly tummy, this then triggered a water infection. However, despite not feeling 100% in herself she settled in super quickly and showed straight away that she likes being part of a small pack. She desperately wanted to sniff and explore with the other two when we were out, so armed with cheese cubes I gave her a chance. She has been brilliant. Her recall is 100% even when she is playing or exploring. She loves cheese and praise!

At home she is a typical baby sister, very annoying and very loving! One minute she is playing or chewing a toy, the next she is curled up asleep. She hasn’t learnt her doggy manners yet and still looks bewildered when she receives a warning snap. At this stage, Chopsy has exceeded my hopes and expectations. She is perfect and I know we are going to have many years of happiness. When she is old enough she will be a fantastic running partner.

I have never taken so many photos of anything or anyone as I have done in the last 3 weeks, but I keep seeing such cute opportunities, I can’t resist!

Thank you again for helping Chopsy to find us. We love her to bits xx

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