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Lisa Murray has sent us this fabulous update regarding adopted Pointer Dottie.

‘D-Day 18th June. Dottie arrived on a very hot Sunday around 6pm. She was the last but one of the Turkish pups to be dropped off. We had been waiting for what felt like ages for this day and the passing over of Dottie took only 5 mins. She seemed quite small and very bewildered as we led her into the house. Her tail was tucked firmly between her legs and she slunk around for a few minutes before gulping down some water. The back doors were open so we let her roam as she wished. She had a quick survey of the garden already deciding there was far too much vegetation some of which would need to come out and too few trenches, some expert digging was going to be needed. Half an hour later she was sitting on the patio being fed chunks of cold watermelon. She then ate a hearty meal of chicken and rice and was ready to explore the house and the furniture. We had set up an enormous den/crate for her in case she was frightened and needed to hide away but that was the last thing on her mind, she was too busy sussing our every nook and cranny

That night she was quite happy to settle down in her own bed in the corner of the bedroom but pretty soon she was up on the bed in between us. During the night her little whiskery chin was propped against my ear but she slept through the night and was up bright and early for a game of nibbling and snuffling.

The first week was quite overwhelming for her. After living in rural Turkey all her early life, everything in our urban environment astonished her; lorries, cars, crowds of school kids even bicycles. We kept her on lead walks for around 2 weeks but letting her run in an enclosed field after a few days. Her recall was pretty good from day one though typical pointer behaviour she can develop selective deafness when on a scent.

Counter surfing and stealing have been a bit of a feature but now I’m wise to it and keep everything out of reach. She will eat absolutely anything in her path if she gets the chance, animal vegetable or mineral, she makes no exceptions. So prevention is the order of the day. The water pistol was quite successful at first until she had that and rendered it useless.

Everyone loves her and she gets masses of attention wherever she goes much to her delight. We took her on a family holiday to the coast in south Wales and she loved it. So many people to cuddle her so many shoes to steal, fantastic walks and much fussing and cuddling. Watching her enjoy running on the beach was lovely, she rounds up any other dogs willing to chase her and out runs them all apart from whippets and greyhounds. She was quite well behaved when out for meals though did snaffle my scone when we were having a cream team. We ended up giving her rather a lot of beer mats to chew on in one pub as I had forgotten a chewy bone to keep her occupied.

Dottie has settled in much more quickly than I had expected and is hugely enthusiastic about greeting everyone she meets. She isn’t afraid of other dogs and will approach quite confidently hoping to play. She is very loving and playful and has grown in confidence and size and become more relaxed when out and about. She loves going out with my dog walker and bosses all the other dogs around insisting that everyone chase her. We are absolutely delighted with her and feel very lucky to have such a beautiful creature in our family. I am hugely grateful to Pointers in Need and Karen Gillespie and Lynn Ryall for the care and dedication that has made it possible for me and all the other adoptive parents to give homes to one of these beautiful exceptional dogs.

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