About Ebby

Sex: Female          Age: 7 months          Status: Fostered in UK

This pretty little pup, previously named Eboli, had a very tough start to life. Born in Spain with only eye, when she was taken in by a friend of Pointers in Need she was in pain and was clearly distressed. Her right eye socket was infected so badly poison was running down her face. Ebby has now been given the proper veterinary treatment and was lovingly cared for by our friends in Spain while she recovered. She arrived in the UK in mid-November and is settling in really well with one of our experienced foster families.

We are very confident that once Ebby recovers physically, she will go on to lead a full and happy life. She’s already proving to be bright, affectionate – and a fussy eater! She’s also learning to trust humans again.   If you could give Ebby the fabulous home she deserves, please get in touch.