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About Pointer Gilly

Sex: Female        Age: 5-6 years

Gilly is in Turkey and is 5-6 years old 

Gilly is the most beautiful Pointer and is looking for her forever home in the UK.  Gilly has such a very sad story and her owners are heartbroken to have to rehome her so we are looking for a very very special home.

Gilly’s owners found her on a remote road high in the mountains in Turkey, she limped towards them and they were face with an emasculated, flea and tic ridden dog with a leg so broken and twisted they were amazed she had managed to survive.  They took Gilly on a three hour drive to the vet.  Her leg was broken in four places; shoulder crushed, elbow, wrist and paw. Her new owners were told a donkey had kicked her when she was a puppy, the pain she must have endured is unimaginable. Gilly was about 10 months old when she was found and must have been in so much pain for a long time. Gilly weighed just 11kg and she was pregnant. She had five beautiful puppies and all were rehomed by Pointers in Need, 

Gilly is a miracle girl, she loves playing in the sea, rock pools and climbing mountains. Her owners have tried to protect her but it is impossible to keep her safe, as there are threats from people and they worry about poison etc. Gilly deserves a forever home, she is so loving and wants to be on your lap, sofa, bed, anywhere you are. Gilly’s owners don’t use a lead as she has a problem with her stride and gets tangled, her owners have said she barely leaves their side and if she does, she will be back in seconds and never ever goes from your sight. Gilly loves 20 minute walks free to sniff anything that moves, she is a kind girl with cats and other dogs but likes to be first in line for your affection, she is funny and loves flat 5 litre bottles so she can skate on her front leg, it is wonderful to see. Gilly does not think she has 3 legs, she is such and amazing girl.  

Gilly will come with 5 weeks FREE insurance and the full back up support of the wonderful Pointers In Need team.

Please contact us if you can give Gilly a new loving, forever home very soon.


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