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About Pointer Hank

Sex: Male        Age: 4 years

Hank is currently in London and is 4 years old 

Hanks family are very sadly having to consider rehoming Hank and would like to be hands on with his rehoming.  Below is Hanks description and story provided by his owners.

Hank is a pointer cross hound from Cyprus. He has been living with us in our flat in London for 7 months. Hank is a wonderful dog, is very responsive to training, and has come on leaps and bounds since we’ve had him. He has a lovely nature – his favourite things are cuddles, snuffling, food and doing tricks! He’ll be bouncy on a walk but will snooze all day at home, and is content to be left alone for periods of time (his hound mix means he has less energy than a full pointer). He has no issues with resource guarding. After 6 months of work on the long line he now has great recall with us (although would need to be built up with a new person).

However, Hank is a fearful dog having likely gone through considerable emotional trauma as a dumped and abused hunting dog. Hank has a chunk missing from his ear to show for this 🙁 As a result has issues with reactivity to strangers (never with us) and although with training this is worlds apart from where it was – there is still work to be done and we don’t think our busy London location is the right place to support his recovery and help him reach his maximum potential. We feel he would do much better living in a quieter place with a garden for him to roam around in. Owners would also have to continue to work on his short lead skills (he can pull and get frustrated).

We love Hank very much and are committed to finding him as close to perfect home as possible – however long that takes! We are looking for a home for Hank where:

– The new owners understand fearful dogs,  their body language and what they need to make them feel safe.
– Owners who are committed to (and ideally have some experience of) positive reward based training for fearful and reactive dogs.
– A space with a garden for Hank to snuffle around in (doesn’t need to be large).
– A home where there can be a ‘safe room’ for Hank to go into if visitors come to the house, until further work is done at his pace to make him feel safe with this.

We can provide the new owners with extensive material on Hank and his needs – and suggest an online coaching group for them to join (for fearful foreign rescue dogs), where the trainer knows Hank and his needs and will provide guidance.

We think Hank would do really well with a resident calm and confident dog, to show him that the world isn’t so scary. Although he could be the only dog. He can’t live with cats. He could live with children so long as they were respectful of him and his needs.

Hank will come with the full back up support of the wonderful Pointers In Need team.

Please contact us if you can give Hank a new loving, forever home very soon.


Can you offer Hank a loving new home? If you can help in any way please contact us.

You can find out more information on living with  inHank our Frequently Asked Questions.

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