About Hector

Sex: Male          Age: 2 years          Status: Fostered in the UK

Often with abandoned hunting and street dogs, they just ‘appear’, take over everyone’s hearts, but there’s little history. Until he arrived in the UK in December 2016, Hector was one of these dogs and won’t let it hold him back. What do we know?   When he was in a shelter in Spain, Hector proved to be a very gentle little lad, and good on a lead. He was quite timid and he really didn’t do well in a kennel environment.   Thankfully he is now with one of our experienced fosterers where he’s settling in really well.    We will bring you more information as Hector finds his ‘paws’ and starts to be himself.

We would be thrilled to find the right person to give Hector a forever home and the kindness and comfort he deserves.  If you are that person, please get in touch with us. Thank you.