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Nikki Griffin-Stubbs adopted Jack from Greece and here is her update about how Jack is settling into his new life in the UK:

‘We decided to adopt a Pointer after the loss of our own fantastic boy, Scout. Claire matched us to Jack because we all thought that this partnership would help both dog and family heal. So far so good, he is the perfect fit.

During his time with us Jack has taken some significant steps. For the first couple of days he generally preferred his own company and dog bed as well as that of our 12 year old daughter (with whom he had no choice!). When let out into the garden, he would invariably sit by the back gate in order to get in the car. His all-time favourite place is the car! We couldn’t get him out of it or even to pass it on the lead. However, patience and perseverance has meant that he has managed a little, albeit it wary, walk around a local park.

He has bonded with each of us but has done so one person at a time (this is his way). First our daughter, second my husband, because he had a week at home with him; and then me which was more of a “who is this stranger that arrives from work each evening?” followed by, “she must be okay as she provides the food” type of approach.

Jack has spent much of his time ‘sleeping’, or rather sussing us out. He is a sweet, gentle and loving boy with an incredibly whippy tail when it is food or cuddle time. Seven days in, he has put on a little weight and finally found the sofa of which he has been in command for at least 12 hours. He is certainly developing a ‘cheeky’ side, taking himself off to explore other rooms in the house only this morning. He has also started to protest for the first few minutes of crate time but we see this as proof of bonding, his realising that we are ‘suckers’ and an increase in confidence to the point of pushing his luck just a little. Crate time wasn’t an issue on immediate arrival; quite the opposite in fact.’

For such a previously abused dog, he has come a long way in a short space of time. We know that Jack has a special place in the hearts of PIN supporters and as his family we hope to live up to expectations.” said Nikki

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