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An update on Jaffa’s progress.

Jaffa was found in a field by Anna Spanou,  nearly at deaths door……Weighing just 13.5 kilos. He was so weak he could not walk a single step. Jaffa was bought to our attention and we decided we had to help this dear lad. His face showed he had lost the will to live. He was taken the vets and given all the care he needed.

He was so weak and emaciated he stayed at the vets for two weeks under 24 hour care.

Finally a foster home came forward, a lady called Marina Nicolaou and Jaffa has gone to her home to rehabilitate. He was slowly getting stronger by the day but was going to be a long job. Pointers In Need found a forever home for Jaffa and so the process began to build his strength to enable him to make the long flight from Cyprus to the UK.

Marina says “He is so amazing and brave and wants to live. The first few days he could not get up from a lying position as he was far to weak. But now he can get up on his own and only falls over a few times a day. When he pees he stoops as not to fall over, he is very clever!. We have good walks but he is still weak on his back legs – but we will work on this over time. I give him a massages and this really seems to help him. We are now adding tripe to his meals to help get weight on him and  two weeks on and he has gained weight – he is now 22.5 kilos

His blood tests got better. Since he was peeing a lot the vet did a kidney function test. One of the kidneys enzymes was a little bit high but the vet is not worried at this stage. The vet said this was likely to be due to the poor condition that we found him and his age.

Update 2nd May 2017:

Jaffa unfortunately became very weak and was in the end, unable to get up from a lying or sitting position.
His heart also had deteriorated. Despite giving him medication, we knew his time was limited.

He had his usual honey on toast and he had his bones to gnaw at, and his chicken breasts all whilst lying on his favourite couch catching up on Facebook with his foster Mom, Marina Nicolaou.

The vet came to his home to sedate him and he slowly fell asleep…..He was now at peace.

Jaffa had probably never known any love in his life, at the hands of a hunter for many of his years…..Thrown away like a sack of rubbish when he was too weak to work any more…..Pointers In Need stepped up after him being found in a field at deaths door….Cared for him, paid for all his vets fees and found him a foster home…Marina adored him, loved him and cared for him for the last weeks of his life.

Claire Stokes commented “Rescue is very tough in these circumstances, but we have to hold on to the precious times. The times when our darling Pointers learn to love life again. In Jaffa’s last days, he knew what love was all about as he experience heaps, we helped him, we cared for him and we loved him…..Sleep tight dear Jaffa. You will ALWAYS be in our hearts.

There are so many Pointers that need homes and many more still that are waiting in the wings to come onto our books.

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