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Every day is a busy volunteering day in my life as Chairperson of Pointers In Need and  as co-ordinator in Spain. Well where do we start!

Dog rescuing is not for the faint hearted although it is very rewarding but can also be filled with heartbreak and sadness.

Since setting up our organisation with my co-founder Claire Stokes, no day is the same. There is always something different happening, whether it be a message asking us for emergency aid to rescue a pointer from being sacrificed or sadly to say we cannot help. Sometimes we just cannot help especially if the Pointer has leishmaniasis – the reason being due to the lack of knowledge of the disease of both adopters and Veterinarians.

My day starts early with my own 12 dogs, including three pointers, one rescue and one foster. Feeding, exercising (before it gets too hot) giving medication and of course play.

Usually, a busy day with answering FB messages,emails, liaising with the refuges and colleagues in Spain both on the phone and messaging concerning blood analysis for Mediterranean diseases. Trying to locate residencias to be able to move dogs if they are in dog pounds. Arranging transport from the pound to trusted residencias’ which can be from one area of Spain to another.

Once we are able to support a Pointer, we then require all possible information including temperament, up to date photos etc so that they can be added to the website. Sometimes collating the information can take a few days or even a few weeks.

When all information is received, copies of passports are sent to transporters for checking. The task of arranging transport to the UK then begins in earnest. Liaising with refuges/residencias’ about the estimated date, where TRACES will be carried out, transport to the relative TRACES government vet kennels.

Liasing with team members in UK in respect of fostering, adoption etc and general matters. This is the day to day administration side of rescuing a Pointer from Spain into new homes in the UK

This would not be possible without the fantastic support of friends who I have made through dog rescue in the whole of Spain since 2011 and who are always on hand to help sometimes with translating – although, my written Spanish is good, there is the saying “lost in translation”. Of course, not forgetting my hubby who has to put up with me and my continual frustration of our poor internet signal causing me not being able to reply to messages and also for using his mobile number for Spanish speaking rescues without telling him.

I would not want it any other way helping our beloved breed find homes.

There are lots of ways you can get involved in Pointers In Need. Buys goods from our shop, making donations, and giving any time you have spare. Why not get involved today and help us to help more Pointers who need our help.

There are so many Pointers that need homes and many more still that are waiting in the wings to come onto our books.

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