About Jet

Sex: Male          Age: 5 years          Status: In private kennels, Malaga, Spain

This very affectionate black ‘pocket’ rescue Pointer was found in a stable.  Jet had belonged to a hunter who had no further use for him but thankfully he was saved and has been cared for by our friend Claire and her family in Spain. Jet has undergone surgery for a little ‘gentleman’ problem as, prior to being castrated, one of his testes was inside his body and had to be removed. He has recovered well and is proving to be quite a lap dog. He’s good with children (we don’t know about cats) and he gets on well with other dogs.

This little chap’s hunting days are well and truly over. Claire believes that he may never have been up to the task, describing him as a ‘chilled, couch potato’ who loves nothing more than kisses, cuddles and his bed.

We’d love to find Jet a new bed, or even a nice couch to snuggle up on.

Jet has tested positive for leishmaniasis. Many thousands of dogs in southern Europe and further afield live with the condition,  including several belonging to the Pointers in Need team. When treated appropriately, they can go on to live long and happy lives.  You can find out more information about Leish  and a case study on Solana Sultana, our ‘pin up’ in the Adopt a Pointer section of our website, and a Pointer with leish adopted by Claire Stokes.

If you’re looking at Jet and thinking,  ‘I’ve found my new best buddy’, then please contact us. We’d love to help you both start a beautiful friendship.