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A fantastic update regarding adopted Pointer Joker from his family Linda, Nick, Dan, Jester and Piper.

‘From the moment Joker arrived home, he just walked in, had a look around, made friends with Jester and our old cat Piper and seemed to say to himself ‘Oh yes, this will do for me’.

He settled in from the first moment too with no shyness, nervousness or anything negative. Joker is a dream! After just a week I was able to let him off lead in a secure place and he was loving exploring the Nature Reserve that is literally on our doorstep. He is very like Jester our 3 year old in that he loves everyone and everything. He takes such delight in life. My Mum always says he does nothing in half measures, he is so over enthusiastic about life, people, anything really lol. He loves snuggles and cuddles so much, such a loving lad. I, we as a family, have never met a dog who licks so much! he practically kisses the skin of you lol.

If you consider that Joker lived mostly outside in Turkey his house training has been brilliant – he does have the odd accident in the night but only if he has an upset tummy. If he does need to go, he always goes on the puppy pad or newspaper by the back door.

Joker has a huge aversion to rain!! Worse than Jester and that it saying something!. He must have the bladder of a horse – if it’s raining, he will hold his water for many hours until he absolutely has to go…and then he can pee for over 2 minutes – which is a long time for a wee!

Joker has a beautiful soul. Such a kind face and very loyal. He still has in a small way, a jealous streak – its not a problem though as our Jester is the most easy going, mild mannered lad you could meet. Joker didn’t enjoy the ‘I must share’ lessons at first, but has realised he can pretty much have anything he wants if he uses his manners, Now Joker is doing so brilliantly.

His hoarding tendencies are hilarious though. He literally hoards anything from bones and toys to old potatoes; he steals from the vegetable rack if I’m not looking!. He has hiding places everywhere and I swear he counts anything he considers as his as he knows when something is missing. If I bring 5 toys down from upstairs and put them in the toy box, which is full to be fair, he will pick the exact 5 toys back out and take them back upstairs to where they were. If there are any noisy squeaky toys in that 5 we have learned to hide them in the bathroom at bedtime cos he has a strange habit of happily squeaking away and playing with them at 2am!!

Joker has no concept of personal space, if he wants you, he just sits on you, or lies on top of you or shoves his way into the smallest of spaces just to be close and get an extra cuddle. He is simply adorable. As he was 8 months old when he arrived we expected to have behavioural issues to deal with and correct, to teach him manners and our house rules for quite a few months. It is a testament to Karen and Lyn in Turkey and their loving care of these pups that we have only had minor issues and the ones we have had, are normal things I consider common in any pup, rescue or not – so that was a lovely surprise.

He is so very clever,  listens well, he learns quickly and responds to every command – his recall is fantastic. He is a prolific thief though! It has taught us all to be far tidier – which is a good thing, so I will not moan about him for that. He takes counter-surfing to a whole new level too and can reach and steal things I often think far out of his reach. But as I said, we are tidier and if there is nothing lying around for him to steal he is a perfectly behaved boy ; ).

He is growing fast and has filled out beautifully. He LOVES food!! Yes I know most dogs love food, but Joker LOVES FOOD!! He has a complete love affair with anything edible.

We call Joker ‘bucket mouth’. I have never seen a dog drink as he does, its mental! Most dogs lap at water when they drink but Joker ‘eats’ water – as in he actually eats it as he drinks it. He then walks away from the water dish with water pouring out of the sides of his mouth, its really strange and our kitchen floor is usually swimmimg.

If any of us leave the house even for 5 minutes to put the rubbish in the bins for example, you would think we had left him for a week at least! He goes bonkers and makes such a fuss when we come back lol. When my husband, Nick is due in from work, I have to grab Joker as soon as I hear the car pull up outside as he explodes to greet him. Nick cannot get through the door as Joker is so pleased to see his daddy that Joker literally climbs onto Nick and is a squirming, wagging, excited bundle of legs and tongue. Nick has to get in the house and sit on the sofa quickly so I can let Joker go and then he jumps all over him, washes his face and ears and then hugs him, every night!!

Joker has made many friends in his short time with us, both canine and human. On his daily walks so many people know him by name now and he has his favourite friends to play with and run over the fields and hills. He has never shown any aggression and everyone we meet loves him and all say what a delight he is. I am a proud momma!.

Our son Dan is animal mad. Jester starts off at bedtime in our bed curled up under the quilt by me feet. Then during the night he gets in with Dan until morning. Joker has to collect all of his toys and bones at bedtime, We are all in bed settling down and all you can hear is Joker trotting around upstairs collecting his hoard of favourite things and putting them in his beds upstairs. Then he launches himself at our bed and settles in between Nick and I. He puts his head on the pillow and sleeps for about ten minutes until he gets too hot then he is off! He too will usually end up in with Dan at some point. When Nick gets up early for work, I have both dogs in with me until I get up. Yes, they are spoilt, but in a nice way! They are both fantastic dogs who love life and have a good one we think.

Since Joker has arrived we have all laughed so much, he is a funny little man with some weird habits, but such a zest for life. He is inquisitive about everything, loves bugs, fruit and veg and is now a firm best friend of our old cat. Jester doesn’t do licking or washing so for Piper to find a friend who loves to wash his face and ears has been wonderful for him.’

Joker has only been with us a short time, but feels like he has been here forever. He is firmly part of our family and we love him dearly.” Commented Linda. “Thanks to Claire and Pointers In Need for trusting us with Joker. He has made our family complete, bless him.

There are so many Pointers that need homes and many more still that are waiting in the wings to come onto our books.

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