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About Pointer Lara

Sex: Female       Age: around 3 years

Elena Agathocleous was trying to save a street dog, when by accident she found some cages. Please take the time to read this heartbreaking tale and help Lara find a new loving home. Your help is so appreciated.

In one cage was a dead dog which I suspected had been dead for months. in the other cage was Lara (I named her). She was obviously very scared, had no food or water for some time and was very skinny, and close to death.

Vet services came, also the police and municipality. None of them took over the poor dog. We spoke with them and they told us could take Lara. So many people who call themselves animal lovers were there and saw this horrible situation, but none of them did anything to help.

Days were passing and I just couldn’t stand this. I have a new team with few people who have nothing to do with shelters, fosters etc. I asked them to save her since nobody cares to do it. We did it! I went there and took the Lara by law. I took Lara to the vet. She is approximately 3 years old and has no Leishmania, but she has Erlichia and Trichophagus – so we immediately started the treatment for both.

Suddenly I was in the car without knowing where to go, because the foster I found refused to foster her at the last moment. Thankfully I have a friend who helped me on that and she has Lara at her home to finish her treatment.

We are looking for a permanent loving home for Lara so that she can finally live life to the full with her own family.’

A recent update >> Lara is becoming more confident and less scared by the day and eating well.
She will go back to the vets on the 12th July and if all clear she will travel to the UK by air from Cyprus and be under the care of Pointers In Need.

Can you offer Lara a loving new home? If you can help in any way please contact us.

You can find out more information on living with Lara in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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