Lola - Pointers in Need

Lucky Lola’s rehoming story.

We first enquired about Lola on the 24th of October, we were instantly drawn to her the second we saw her photo and read her description. We saw the words “megaesophagus” and the photos of her in her bailey chair and we could see just how special this little girl was. We did look at other pointers on the website but kept going back to Lola. We got in touch with Pointers in Need and they put us in contact with a wonderful lady who knew all about Lola and helped her over in Serbia. After days of constant communication and learning about Lola, we had our home check and that same day received a message saying we had passed. The countdown to Lola joining the family was on.

On the 26th of November Lola started her journey to the UK. The four days it took for her to get to us felt like four of the longest days ever. On the 26th Lola arrived, we knew from the second she arrived that this was it, she was where she was meant to be. She was home. We got really lucky with Lola, she settled into our home right away. She is the sweetest and most loving girl, and is already best friends with our other dog Sirius. You’d think she’d always been here and that she was always a part of our family. She’s filled a hole in our life that we didn’t even know existed. She has brought us so much joy and happiness in such a small amount of time and we know she feels the same. We are so glad we found Lola, and can’t thank the team at Pointers in Need enough for all the help and advice they’ve provided. After two whole years our sweet girl finally has a home and a place to call her own. She is home and right where she belongs.


There are so many Pointers that need homes and many more still that are waiting in the wings to come onto our books.

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