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About Pointer Lula

Sex: Female        Age: 7 years

Lula is currently in Spain, she is 7 years old 

Lula was a hunting dog that probably wasn’t good for hunting anymore and was abandoned. She seems to be a dog that lived her whole life in a pack of many dogs, always locked in a small room and only able to run and breath fresh air on the few hunting days per year. Lula was probably alsused to breed hunting dogs.

Lula is a bit shy in the beginning and feels more confident with other dogs. Bit by bit she gains confidence and is very sweet.  When Lula was found it was quite difficult to catch her, this was probably due to the lack of human contact but with the help of her rescuers dogs, she was caught and taken to the safely of her rescuers home.  At first Lula was a little frightened and didn´t want to go in to the house, she was happy stay in the garden.  After a short time Lula gained confidence and went into the house, it wasn’t long until Lula was happy and chasing her rescuer everywhere around the house.

Lula is very sweet, kind, playful and energetic despite her age. She is very intelligent and learns quickly. As an example, when she was laying on the couch with her rescuer, a blanket fell off the couch, she grabbed it from the floor and put it back on the couch. Lula has spent all her life as a hunting dog, with no human love and in very bad conditions. She has only been used to hunt and give birth to puppies. She deserves to retire in a warm home, feeling loved and treated like a princess.

Lula will come with 5 weeks FREE insurance and the full back up support of the wonderful Pointers In Need team.

Please contact us if you can give Lula a new loving, forever home very soon.


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