Mateo - Pointers In Need

About Pointer Mateo

Sex: Male       Age: 2 years

Handsome Mateo, is approximately two years old and is an orange and white Pointer. Mateo was taken from the dog pound and is now recovering and receiving appropriate care and medical attention. Mateo is good with other dogs and people, but has not yet been tested with cats.

An update from Mateo’s foster:

‘Matty’ is a lovely boy, and VERY handsome. Has not had a single accident in the house. He is learning to not push through doors and gates, although he still tries to push out of the car door when we go for a walk. Mateo is very strong and does pull on the lead a bit; we have not let him off lead yet as he does not have much of a recall.

Mateo is good with other dogs, he plays with Elsa quite happily and has started trying to play with some other dogs we meet when out.

He’s now going right through the night and we’re not putting Mateo in the crate any more – he just lies on the floor or on one of the dog beds. He has learned to sit when waiting for his dinner – we no longer have to have him on a lead now at feeding time, but do watch them all very closely as Matty would try to steal the others food; surprisingly he doesn’t seem to guard his own food which is good news.

Mateo does need a decent amount of exercise. He can get a bit restless and gets into everything. He was a little destructive when he had to wait until later in the evening when it was cool enough to walk outside! He is learning our routine and now settles much better after walking, rather than being a loon and wanting to play!

Mateo is still very much a work in progress, but he’s definitely getting easier to live with!!! He just needs that loving long term family to settle with.

Further update from Mateo’s foster: 

Mateo is using a crate and this is working well for feeding him and for time out if he / we need it, he often just lies in it with the door open of his own choice. We’ve been using an anti gobble bowl for him with great success and is no longer sick after eating. We’ve also now got another smaller crate secured inside the back of the car and he is travelling​ really well in that, so he is in the back with the other guys but everyone is safe and happy. He was being a little defensive of toys and his things but this has been sorted with some training. He’s not ‘challenging’ Paddy or Lu now. On the, now pretty rare occasion that we think something is brewing, shouting ‘NO’ firmly usually does the trick, and if not swifty followed up by going in the crate. He does not object and settles well in the crate. The boy’s doing really well.
Mateo would benefit from an experienced owner who is able to continue his training, he’d also benefit from being with another, ideally chilled dog with which he’s fine being left for short periods.

Can you offer Mateo a loving new home? If you can help in any way please contact us.

You can find out more information on living with Mateo in our Frequently Asked Questions.