Meet the team

Step into the world of Pointers and discover a global community who join together for the love of the breed.

We’re all volunteers with jobs and dogs and we’re assisted by a very able team of dedicated helpers who give their time and expertise to save and support these deserving animals.
claireandpointersClaire Stokes, Co-founder, Chairperson and Coordinator – World-wide

Having grown up with Cocker Spaniels, I decided when I lost my boy Benji, at the ripe old age of 15 that I would have a totally different breed. Jazzie my beloved orange & white Pointer came in to my life 13 years ago, followed by Jif Lemon oxo, Jackpot, Jypsy and PJ. I absolutely adore the beautiful breed of the Pointer. I have adopted Solana from Spain,  Kira from Cyprus and Jem from Spain. My latest fosters have been Jasmine from Spain, Jack from Parga in Greece, Smiler from Kos, Jana from Spain, Sevvy from Seville,Jia from Greece and Jay from Athens. They have all gone to super forever homes after being rehabilitated in our home, amongst our pack of Pointers. I am officially addicted!

I show, judge and now dedicate my spare time to rescuing and re homing Pointers from UK, Spain and further afield. I decided to set up Pointers In Need, a ‘not for profit organisation’ to enable our team to work closely together for the love of these dogs. Their well-being is always at the forefront of our combined efforts.


janJan Britton, Co-founder

Jan’s love of Pointers came from adopting a rescue a handsome orange/white called Hugo back in the early 90’s through The Pointer Rescue UK. She went on to adopt another and then became a failed foster Mum to another after one week!

Jan was co-founder of Pointers In Need along with the current chair, Claire Stokes.



Andrew Everett - Pointers In NeedAndrew Everett,  Secretary and Coordinator – World-wide

I have been around dogs all my life. During a mission to find a playmate for our then Boxer, we were pointed in the direction of the Pointer. It was love at first sight.

Pointers have been a huge part of my life for the last 16 years or so and I have had both working and show line dogs.  During a visit to Crufts in 2015, I became aware of the Pointer rescue organisation and within three months of a discussion with them, we adopted Bob, an abandoned hunting dog from Spain.

Having taken on Bob and seen at first hand the rewards you can get from rehoming these poor dogs, I wanted to do more. I have therefore been an active participant in coordinating the rehoming of these dogs.

I love this breed to bits.divider-wiggly-line

Sammie Cooper-VolunteerSammie - Pointers in Need

I have always had an interest, ok obsession with dogs!
My Grandad had a small holding and always had working sheepdogs who I used to work with him.
The first moment when I moved into my own house, I got my own working sheepdog, Maddie who is now 8. I also have a lovely young Border Collie called Storm.  I live in North Wales and work full time in Finance. When we are not breed showing, competing in agility or obedience training, we love long walks on the beach and relaxing with good friends.



Karen Tregaskis – Volunteer and Fosterer

My life is all about dogs!
I had a mix of crossbreeds and Golden Retrievers in my life for 40 years. Then 12 years ago, I was able to have a Pointer pup – and have now three generations, with five Pointers, living in the house. The girls are Ammi and Ailla and the boys are Beenleigh, Jago and Torba. Volunteering with our wonderful breed rescue, Pointers in Need, also means that foster Pointers sometimes come to stay.

I am a fully insured practitioner in clinical canine massage. My practice,
Canine Symmetry Clinical Massage was established after completing a 2-year practitioner’s course with Canine Massage Therapy Centre.
With the onset of arthritis in senior Ammi, therapeutic massage helps support her orthopaedic condition. Hence my interest to study, set up my own practice and now be able to help dogs with injuries and chronic conditions from all walks of life.


Clare Harvey – Volunteer and Fosterer

I’ve always had rescue dogs, but fell in love with a friend’s Pointer. So for my 40th I got a puppy called Bentley. I wanted a play mate for him, so I decided to adopt a Pointer in April 2015.  Lisa arrived from Spain and then I saw Coco on Facebook – who was a bit ugly looking, but I wanted to adopt him. So in June 2016 Coco came over from Spain and joined my family.

To be able to give these rescued Pointers a new loving home is the best feeling in the world.


Ros Fontana - Pointers In NeedRos Fontana, Volunteer, Fosterer and Coordinator – Cyprus

I’ve always been around dogs – our family dog was a Collie.
I started out with two Staffies. I knew someone that had a litter of Pointers and I fell in love with them straight away –  and that was the start my Pointer family.
I go my first pointer ‘Sas’ 12 years ago. Since then I have left on adding Pointers to my family – I now have five pointers  – one of which I rescued from Cyprus last year! I also have a lovely Rhodesian Ridgeback.
Pointers are a truly wonderful breed!

Suzanne Fletcher, VolunteerSuzanne Fletcher - Pointers In Need

I grew up in a household of rescued dogs of various shapes and sizes as my Dad was a softie and couldn’t bear to hear “it’s going to be put down if you don’t take it.“ Mum was remarkably tolerant !

I had always admired Pointers and got my first Pointer in the 1970’s from the Hookwood kennels. I lived in central London at the time so our early morning walks were in the grounds of Royal Hospital, Chelsea or across Hyde Park. I have had Pointers ever since. I now do whatever I can for Pointers in need of our help.


Kelly Taylor - Pointers In NeedKelly Taylor, Volunteer

I live in the Lake District with my family, including our two gorgeous Pointers Floki and Dylan. Both of which we have rescued through Pointers in Need.

We previously had two Pointers Rio and Keita who we sadly lost within 6 months of each other in 2017.

Floki came to us from Spain and Dylan travelled from Cyprus. Both now I am pleased to say loving life with us and each other. They are the best of friends. We get out walking on the Fells and Mountains whenever we can. We also do a bit of running together, Dylan more prancing and Floki just wants to go fast.

I am excited to join the team and help in getting more of these beautiful animals in to the homes they deserve.

Colin Lipscomb, Volunteer

It took me many years to get my first Pointer, Pearl the B/W one. Wanting a companion for her I contacted Claire Stokes to adopt a rescue pointer and as they say, the rest is now history. She found me Hope and then invited me to join Pointers In Need to help with re homing neglected and abused Pointers. I feel extremely proud and honoured to work with such devoted and knowledgeable people and hope that my efforts can help less fortunate dogs than mine.

Paula - Pointers In Need

Paula Smith, Volunteer and Fosterer

I have been around dogs for as long as I can remember, we have been owned by various types, mainly crossbreeds, from small to big!
We fell in love with Pointers after adopting our Billy, a wonderful 7 year old boy who had a terrible start in life here in the UK.
Since then we decided to dedicate ourselves to Golden Oldies as they often get over looked when people are looking to adopt.
My husband is a fantastic support, a Dog lover himself, and has got used to me saying there’s another golden oldie needing help! He just raises his eyebrows now.

I am proud to say I volunteer and foster for Pointers in Need. You can read more about us on the Pointers in Need website under ‘News’ headed ‘Rehoming & Caring for Golden Oldies’
D. Gibson - Pointers In NeedDominique Ekath, Volunteer and Coordinator – Greece

My childhood was spent in Norwich, UK where I was surrounded by dogs & many other animals.  I have since moved to Greece and have lived here for nearly 30 years.  It was a long time before deciding to let a dog adopt me and at the ripe old age of 50, Ekath found me and thus my love of pointers began. Gordon (famous Tails from Wales) helped me find Pointers In Need and I am proud to be part of the team, doing what I can to help rehome pointers from Greece.


Caroline Broadhead, Volunteer

I live and work full time in Derby but lucky enough to have a home on the Yorkshire coast which my three pointers adore. I have owned pointers for over 25 years and I am `Pointer Mum’ to Monty, Jack and Matilda who keep me active running around after them on the beach & walking them on the Cleveland Way. 

I am married to Paul we have 1 daughter, 2 step boys and 1 one grand pet Clarke the Chocolate Lab.

I have helped pointers in Need on many of the `home checks’ over recent years and just recently started being a more active member for this wonderful organisation in helping re-home dogs. There is no better feeling when you re-home one of our rescue dogs with a loving family who will give them the home they deserve.

Julie Lipscomb – Volunteer

All my life I’ve been lucky enough to know dogs who each lived a long, loyal and happy life. So it comes as a shock but no surprise to find that other dogs do not have that experience.  Because we have become a pointer family and love this breed so much I have been supporting Pointers in Need for a few years now, helping with the work to make sure the dogs we save can have that happy forever home with caring and contented fosterers/ adopters.

Fundraising events are a big part of the PIN year and I always enjoy meeting our supporters and spreading the word to possible new adopters/fosterers. Everyone is so generous and we have lots of fun but always with a purpose.


If you’d like to adopt a Pointer or join our fostering team, Bob and the team will do a happy dance! But there are many other ways you can help these noble dogs. Please make a donation or buy something fabulous from our online shop.  You can also register with easyfundraising – this brilliant idea raises money for Pointers in Need while you shop online and you don’t a penny extra.

Thank you.