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About Nelson

Sex: Male          Age: Circa 4 years old

Nelson came a year ago extremely emaciated (16,5kgs) and positive to Leishmaniasis. He was found laying in a field dehydrated and ready to die.
Nelson finished his treatment and a year later he was tested negative. He gained 10 kgs and he is an energetic pointer who is  about 4 years old. Nelson is very playful, sweet with all the dogs and people. As all the Pointers in the shelter, he is having difficulties with the cold and he is losing weight again.
Update: 25th March 2017:
Pointers In Need found Nelson a foster home, but as he was about to leave, he was bitten by a snake or stung by a scorpion. This was a life threatening situation and meant that he could not travel to his foster home after all. Since then, Nelson has been undergoing continual medical care and continues to be supported by Pointers In Need.
Nelson bite was on his leg and was very bad indeed. Blood tests and a biopsy showed that Nelson’s bone marrow was not producing red blood cells. This could have been caused from Leishmaniasis or the bite infection itself. The blood tests highlighted the it was likely that the poison /infection caused the blood cell issues and that’s the reason he is so anaemic.
Nelson is on special medication and treatment in order to “restart ” the production of the red blood. Blood tests are showing a slow but steady improvement. As soon as we get positive confirmation from the vet that Nelson’s bloods are improving, the vet will close the wound in his leg that seems to be healing. There’s no more liquid coming out and there’s more healthy tissue. The vet will wait a few more days to have more available skin and be able to close it.
Nelson has finally begun to regain his weight.

Can you offer Nelson a loving new home? If you can help in any way please contact us.

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