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About Pointer Oscar

Sex: Male        Age: 1 year

Oscar is currently in Turkey is 1 year old and has been neutered

Oscar was found in a  graveyard in Tuzla, Istanbul all alone when he was 4 months old. The people who found decided to take him to Tuzla Shelter.  At 9 months old, Oscar was still boarding at the shelter, meaning he spent his precious puppy days growing up on the concrete floor of a  kennel without playing, running, and eating healthy food. 

He was such a  lucky boy  to survive both in the field of graveyard all alone and then  in the shelter.  When we rescued him from shelter, he was about 16,5 kg, not so much skinny, but not as big as other 9 month old male pointers.  Oscar was very unsure of walking on the floor when he was first taken from the shelter. He was jumping on his back leg and started to yelp, his back leg was mis-shaped and he was walking a bit knock kneed.  Oscar was taken for x-rays and after many discussions  with  the vets about his back legs, hips, joints, it was confirmed that he has nothing serious. The vets reported a lack of development  from living in a small kennel in the shelter with no place to walk, run and use his legs during the time of his precious puppy period. Oscar has been given glucosamine and is walked on leash as a daily activity and he has gained the capability to walk as a normal 12 month old boy. His joints are still developing and day by day, he is getting better. When Oscar finds a home with a family to give him daily walks on lead,  it  give him more chances to stretch and strengthen his legs.

Oscar is a typical hyper pointer puppy, that loves to play with furry friends and humans, and  he loves discovering his surroundings. He loves to retrieve plastic bottles and balls. He is such a playful, lovely soul easy to adapt to his new environment. He is such a character that  if a human says  ‘No’ or ‘stop’ he gets cross with the human by purring with funny staring. He knows his name as Oscar, he is toilet and crate trained, good at walking on a lead, good at travelling in car. 

He  has no problem with children, he seems  friendly to dogs and cats, never chases them unless the cat is a bit active and grumpy, then Oscar may be chase them.  Oscar would be a great first or second dog for his new forever family and home.

Oscar will come with the full back up support of the wonderful Pointers In Need team.

Please contact us if you can give Oscar a new loving, forever home very soon.


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You can find out more information on living with Oscar in our Frequently Asked Questions.


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