About Pitu

Sex: Female          Age: 2 Years          Status: With fosterers in Spain

Looking at the pictures of this very pretty Pointer, it’s hard to believe that  Pitu was found abandoned, in poor shape, wandering in the spanish countryside.  Used as a brooding bitch, she has had at least two litters in her short life, but thankfully those days are firmly behind her and Pitu is now being cared for and put back on the road to good health by her fosterers in Spain.

Pitu is a very placid Pointer, and it’s really quite difficult to find a species she doesn’t rub along well with. Humans, (both adult and child varieties),  dogs, cats, cows, pigs and even goats – she enjoys the company of them all.   So we are now looking for a fantastic adopter to welcome Pitu into their life and give this very special girl the love, care and stability she needs to thrive.

If you can offer Pitu the forever home she is waiting for, please get in touch with a member of our team.  We would love to speak with you. Thank you.