Most dog lovers will agree that keeping their four-legged friends safe and well is their number one priority. For people living and working with rescued Pointers, this takes on extra significance when these sensitive, and sometimes traumatised animals arrive at our homes to begin the next chapter in their lives. Sadly, accidents can, and sometimes do, happen and nearly always when our dogs manage to find a way out of the home and onto the path of oncoming danger.

Claire Stokes commented “This information guide is designed to increase awareness about nervous Pointers and how to keep your Pointer(s) safe so that they are a friend for life. We at Pointers In Need are always striving for the best for our beautiful breed.

Can all our friends and partners who rescue, foster or rehome Pointers please take the time to read our article about how to Keep Our Pointers Safe and share it with anyone you know who is considering spending their life with a rescue dog. It doesn’t have to be a Pointer. ?

If your Pointer is not a rescue Pointer, we have no doubt that you’ll still find this information useful and worth sharing.

Thank you for your support.

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There are so many Pointers that need homes and many more still that are waiting in the wings to come onto our books.

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