About Punto

Sex: Male          Age: 3 years          Status:  With fosterers in Spain

This strikingly handsome young orange and white Pointer is Punto.  He is currently in Spain, being cared for by very loving fosterers who are putting in a great deal of effort to help this boy become happy and confident.

As is often the case with these beautiful animals, Punto’s background is unknown,  but his initial behaviour with his fosterers leads us to believe that he has suffered at the hands of humans. He will need a  calm, experienced leader who can build on his current socialisation and training using positive reinforcement methods.

This work is already reaping great dividends. From being scared of cuddles, Punto now seeks them out and he becomes a relaxed puddle of a Pointer when having his chin stroked.  He is housetrained, walks nicely on a lead, is happy in a harness, travels well in a car and is a very good boy when visiting the vet.   He does have a calcium defficiency which doesn’t seem to bother him because he gets cheese every day with his dinner!

Punto is also well behaved with both cats and dogs and he currently lives with another dog, however, he is submissive and unlikely to defend himself.  So we’re looking for a home that can help him with this, perhaps with another dog that has a calm, relaxed character, to help him settle in and feel safe.

During playtime, Punto is a typical young Pointer with bags of energy, bounce and exuberance. He’s currently in ‘chew mode’ and he finds rummaging through a laundry basket great fun (don’t we just love Pointers), so plenty of toys and stimulation are needed for this lovely boy.

From an unknown, but clearly unforgiving start in life, Punto is blossoming from the compassion and warmth he experiences from his carers.   It’s now time for his next chapter and we are looking a special home where he can go from strength to strength.  If you can help him, we would love to speak to you, so please contact us. Thank you.