Pointers In Need - Rio

About Pointer Rio

Sex: Male       Age: around 5 years

Rio is orange/white and approx 5 years old and is currently in foster care in France.

Rio has learned to go up and down stairs and how to go through a fly screen over the door. He loves to be one of the gang – Rio loves dogs and enjoys their company very much.

Rio has not displayed any aggression at all, despite choosing another dog’s best bed!

It is thought that Rio has never lived in a house before as he is very scared of everyday household noises. He is very quick to cower if people move their hands too quickly and obviously associates hands with nasty things.

Rio is not trained and as such, displays no manners. The fosterer is even sure if Rio knows his name, but they are working on that and have had some success.

They had a couple of friends around and following instructions to ignore him, Rio did approach them and sniff them a few times and eventually let the lady pet him.

Rio has a lovely character, no malice at all.

Rio needs a loving home with a family who have patience to spend time to with him to rebuild his confidence in the world.

Can you offer Rio a loving new home? If you can help in any way please contact us.

You can find out more information on living with Rio in our Frequently Asked Questions.