Sebastian - Pointers In Need

About Pointer Sebastian

Sex: Male       Age: around 3 years

Sebastian is a handsome boy from Tenerife. He is approximately 52cm to the shoulder.

When he first went to the Kennels house, obviously like many, Sebastian had a tough time with a hunter. If you raised your voice or arm, held a mop or broom, he would throw himself onto his back on the floor. This has more or less stopped as Sebastian has gained confidence.

Sebastian is a big softy, loves cuddles and goes to sleep with his tummy tickled. He gets on well with other dogs both male and female. In fact he is living with 8 other dogs in the Kennel owners house.

Unfortunately the person who found Sebastian said that he is not good with cats or chickens as he chased hers. At this time we do not know what he would be like with children, but he has endeared himself to those who have met him, including the vet.

Sebastian is not too bad on the lead but will need more training and support to improve his lead skills and confidence further. His recall on a fenced dog plot is also quite good, but trust him off the lead, until he is used to a new environment, in open country.

Sebastian has no problems eating as he loves his food. He is vet checked and in good health.

Update from Sebastian’s foster carer:

“Sebastian is eating well a mix of raw and complete. He will steal food if the oportunity arises. He travels well and enjoys going out for walks. Sebastian gets in the car cage with my 2 girls quite happily, they have accepted him, he has fitted in with us easily. I have been walking him on a flexi lead, he does pull a little at times and he is quite bird focused and would chase if off lead. I took him to Blackpool Ch Show and he was a little overwhelmed with the crowds. He isn’t comfortable with excitable dogs getting in his face while on the lead, but ok if the flexi is extended. There is no aggression – he is just not comfortable in this situation. He is extremely friendly and fusses everyone he meets. His tail is always wagging.”

Can you offer Sebastian a loving new home? If you can help in any way please contact us.

You can find out more information on living with Sebastian in our Frequently Asked Questions.