Sweet Skyla’s rehoming story.

Hello, my name is Skyla but I was formerly known as Amanda. I used to have to fend for myself on a mountain in Greece but couldn’t find enough to eat and was very thin and always hungry. My mum and dad wanted to rescue a Pointer but weren’t sure if they would be allowed as they already had six! They thought they would give it a go as they had seen so many pictures of sad abandoned dogs and I am so glad they did! They filled in a form saying which girl they were interested in (which wasn’t me!!! ??).  They then heard from a lovely lady called Karin saying that she thought that the little pocket Pointer that she was fostering would be perfect for them and she was right!!! Everybody worked very hard to make it work out. I had a sore paw so had to stay with my foster mum a bit longer than planned but loved my new mum and dad (especially Dad!!) as soon as I met them. They took great care to settle me into my new home with all my new friends and I am now so happy and have put on weight and my coat is so shiny. I love living here and going out with my friends to meet new people and dogs where I am much admired.  I get to play in the paddock where there are loads of field mice and birds for me to sniff for.  Thank you to all at Pointers in Need for my new life ???.  I am looking forward to meeting my new little rescue friend, arriving early next year.


There are so many Pointers that need homes and many more still that are waiting in the wings to come onto our books.

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