Sparta - Pointers in Need

Sparta’s rehoming story.

I am so glad that I found Pointers In Need when searching for a rescue pointer after my old pointer died.  I was immediately drawn to Sparta – she was the sort of age that I was looking for and in the photos looked as if she needed a lot of love and cuddles!  From my initial email enquiry, Colin was really helpful and positive and guided me through the adoption process. We were very soon off to collect Sparta from her foster mum, Hilary, who had sent lots of photos and videos and was a great source of help as we tried to make the change as stress free as possible. Hilary had done a great job of making Sparta feel at home after her long journey over from Spain.  She is such a sweet natured and loving pointer that we agreed she couldn’t really be called Sparta so we decided to call her Lily and I’m pleased to say that is what she answers too now!

At first Lily was very nervous, scared and sometimes cowered in the corner squealing when we took pots out of the cupboard or touched parts of her body. I contacted Claire who told me about her vile background.  A couple of months later, with lots of love and patience, she is a different dog!  She is happy, more confident, loves going out for walks and even running free on a secluded beach!  We have been going to adult beginner classes (basically puppy life skills for rescue dogs!) with a lovely patient trainer and Lily has made such good progress that we have been promoted to an intermediate class this week!  

I have also started Cani cross running again with Lily which she loves and provides a good focus in woodland instead of on chasing squirrels and birds!  We will hopefully enter a race soon – watch this space!

Lily is such a sweet, special pointer and I am so glad that we found her. I can’t thank Pointers in Need enough and also can I say a special thankyou to all the people involved in her rescue – both in Spain and the U.K.



There are so many Pointers that need homes and many more still that are waiting in the wings to come onto our books.

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