Stephanie - Pointers In Need

About Pointer Stephanie

Sex: Female       Age: under 2 years

Stephanie was bought to our attention by Stevan Bojanic, found wandering on the streets in Nis, Serbia.
Stevan travelled 600 kms and with the help of his friend, they managed to catch her.

Stevan says “I had a struggle with my friend to catch her.”

Some Hunter society from Zitoradja reserved her and was sent for her. Stevan said that her destiny was a puppy farm bitch and a hunter dog. Stephanie is super thin. Younger than 2 years. Full with ticks (I’m not gonna talk about how many flees she has) – for which she has been treated.

But most important…look at her eyes. Stephanie and so so so so gentle. She kissed me. She has no micropchip’

And after a day of her being with Stevan, Stevan says:
“She knows how to be in a car, jumps in jump out with no problem and has excellent behaviour during ride. She is very calm during my basic physical examination. She had very dirty ears and had little yelow stuff around her vagina. Other than that, Stephanie was thankfully ok. Stephanie has been treated with heartworm prevention therapy. Stephanie has a good appetite and is being fed small portions 5 / 6 times a day becouse of her intestinal organs forgot of food.”

And one more important thing! SHE LOVES TO TALK!! HAHAHAHAHA.

Can you offer Stephanie a loving new home? If you can help in any way please contact us.

You can find out more information on living with Stephanie in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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