About Toño

Sex: Male          Age: 3 years          Breed: Pointer/cross          Status: Currently in refuge in Spain

We are hopelessly devoted to Toño (pronounced Tonya), a dashingly handsome young black and white Pointer cross who, bewilderingly, has spent two years in a refuge in Spain. We need to rectify this in short order to give him the chance to experience a good life, one filled with compassion and warmth from human beings and lots of adventures.

As you can see in these delightful videos, Toño has all the qualities of a focused ‘Excuse me, I’m on an important mission’, Pointer with a great nose and a loving, friendly personality. He is 57cm in height and weighs 25kg. He gets on well with other dogs, but not cats.  We think Toño may have just a touch of Bracco in his mix – all the more to love him with if you ask us.

If you would like to show Toño how wonderful life can be with the right person,  then we’d really love to speak with you. Please get in touch with our team to discuss how to take things further. Thank you.