Tony - Pointers In Need

About Pointer Tony

Sex: Male       Age: around 3 years

Handsome Tony was found on the streets in Spain. He was very very thin and his previous owner cut out his microchip from his neck so nobody could trace where he came from. His neck has now fully healed. Tony is in good health and eats well.

Tony is in foster care in Spain. He is very good with children and other dogs, especially females. He also lives with cats and is very good with them. Tony is very obedient and polite. He walks well on the lead and is house trained.

Like all Pointers, Tony loves hugs and kisses and wants a family of his own.

An update from Tony’s Foster family:

“Tony arrived on Sunday 13th August. Despite his four days in transit he was a very happy and relaxed dog. He immediately accepted the close contact of our dog Ziggy and they are very happy in each other’s company. They play together, share beds and don’t fight over food ( but Ziggy is very relaxed ). On walks Tony likes to be close to Ziggy.

Tony immediately accepted all the fuss and attention we could give him. He positively craves your attention, and loves to be with you. His tail never stops! Tony is great with the kids and is not really interested in our cats. He is not at all interested in our chickens.

Tony appears to be house trained, going through the night on day one. He has only had one accident whilst we were out. Tony has made no attempt to escape from the garden or house. He has a great appetite and likes his dry food mixed with an Oxo cube in hot water to make it softer. We are building up his food intake to try to put a bit of weight on him.

When there in nothing going on Tony is very happy to just sleep. When a family member or Ziggy leave the house he will pine for a short time. He doesn’t seem to have any destructive habits but will steal your socks and shoes.

When Tony arrived he did not seem to know his name, and has no recall or “sit” or “come” understanding ( he just wants to be with you ). But we are working on his understanding and simple commands. When Tony is out on a walk, he doesn’t pull hard on a lead or harness. Again he wants to be with you but will explore when on a long lead ( rope ). You can see he has a hunt instinct. In wide open spaces he seems a little agoraphobic ( not use to fields )? Tony was happy to play in the river.

When out on his lead Tony seems uncomfortable with others unknown dogs and his heckles come up. But he can be reassured when you make a fuss of him. We have not had an opportunity to arrange “safe” play with other dogs “off leads “, but we hope to attend a socialisation session at the weekend.

Tony seems to be in good health except for a lot of muscle wastage on his rear right leg, which looks like an old major trauma injury. He can run and put weight on it but sometime hops? We are trying to build up the muscles with increasing exercise.

Tony is a truly lovely boy who should bond with anyone who will love him and share his sofa ! He seems to be relaxed with Ziggy as a big brother and may be happier as a second dog?

We have not tested him is the car yet.

Tony truly is a sweet little Pointer.”

Can you offer Tony a loving new home? If you can help in any way please contact us.

You can find out more information on living with Tony in our Frequently Asked Questions.