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About Pointer Yaki

Sex: Male        Age: 8 years

Yaki is in the UK and is 8 years old 

Due to a change in personal circumstances, this beautiful boy is available for adoption.  This is what his family say about him after only having him for a short time:

This boy is absolutely brilliant, Yaki is a really sweet natured, affectionate boy. He is keen and willing to learn, though happy to turn a deaf ear when it suits. He is shorter in stature than most English Pointers but has all their adorable traits and gets duly excited at “good” scents.

He has been a pet, and been loved – that is clear. Apart from once marking a corner of the kitchen he has not fouled indoors and holds his wee overnight. He sleeps in the kitchen in a bed with no problems, just a wonderful welcome in the morning.

He is not allowed upstairs or on the furniture. He has made no attempt to climb onto the sofa etc, but does chance the staircase if I am upstairs. When reprimanded in a stern voice he cowers which makes me feel he has been hit in the past. He LOVES other dogs (think he is missing his canine pack) and the car (which he will try to get into at any opportunity regardless of boot, passenger or driver seat!), and jumps into the boot with no difficulty. He also loves people and wants to approach everyone to say hi.

I have just started heel work and recall using a whistle – both are obviously new to him, but he is responding as well as I can expect. I use a slip lead for heel work and an extendable for walks in the fields and lanes. He does pull when he sees other dogs and pulls initially at the start of the walk. He soon settles down. He will sit, and beginning to master “down” and “wait”.

In the first couple of days he was allowed a controlled exploration of the ground floor (room-by-room) and was very thorough in his exploration and a bit of a “bull in a china shop”. However, he is now happy to walk around the open rooms (checking if anything has changed) but will then just relax in his bed or in the garden. He arrived totally food obsessed but now trusts his food source, does not try and get onto a counter and whilst interested in food preparation, and hovers briefly whilst you start eating, he soon lies down and leaves you to eat. Fed on Simpsons Premier Senior/Light dry food and ½ tin of sardines daily. He even will stop eating and greet you mid meal – quite a break through.

He has no garden manners! Obviously his previous homes did not respect flower beds if there were any! He is an instinctive burier, and anything you give him – chew, old sock etc – will be buried. His favourite is nicking my gardening gloves…. When given a chew inside the house he damaged his bedding trying to bury it: he hasn’t been given a chew indoors since then. He did destroy his car bed but that was probably because it still smelt of our previous pointer.

He wears a GPS tracker which will be handed on together with a 2 year pre-paid sim contract. He was taken to the vet 2/6/20 and given all his inoculations and nails clipped. He behaved beautifully. Weight 27.5 kg.

There is absolutely nothing dominant or aggressive in his nature. He loves to be with you wherever you are. We have left him alone in the kitchen for at least an hour with no problems. Have only heard him bark when excited to see another dog (not been much use as a guard dog….).

Yaki is a wonderful pointer and is looking for a new forever home.

Yaki will come with 5 weeks FREE insurance and the full back up support of the wonderful Pointers In Need team.

Please contact us if you can give Yaki a new loving, forever home very soon.


Can you offer Yaki a loving new home? If you can help in any way please contact us.

You can find out more information on living with Yaki in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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